Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your PMP Exam Pass Rate?

    PM-ProLearn does not engage in the sales gimmick of quoting a PMP Exam pass rate because PMP exam results are not published by PMI. Training providers must rely on self-reporting of their students, which is highly unreliable. However, PM-ProLearn has trained over 600 students, and less than 30 of those students have reported a failure.
  2. How do I access PM-ProLearn training resources on my tablet or phone?

    Go to your app store for iOS or Android, and download the free Matrix LMS app. Open the app and in the "Portal" field, enter "PM-ProLearn". Once the login screen appears, just login with your PM-Prolearn username and password. You must have internet access to reach our portal. All of our online training resources are optimized for mobile devices and accessible 24/7!
  3. Is the training offered in a classroom, online or a combination of both?

    PM-ProLearn offers classroom, live webinar, and self-paced online training with and without live, weekly coaching
  4. If online, do classes offer interaction between students and faculty?

    Yes; our online Webinar and Instructor Assisted courses provide live engagement with an instructor through webinar. Also, learners collaborate with other learners and instructors in our PM-ProLearn Support Community social media group
  5. What is the cost and the different payment options?

    A la Carte Study Courses - $19.95 for 1 year; Self-Paced Subscription - $99 per month; Live Webinar or Live Virtual Broadcast of Onsite Class - $799; Classroom - $1297     |     Military Veterans get a $200 discount
  6. Do you accept the Government Purchase Charge Card?

    Yes; we can take the GPCC for group or individual training. Please contact us for details
  7. How will this training help me with passing the PMP exam?

    PM-ProLearn training is a turn-key, all-inclusive PMP Exam preparation solution. We provide everything you need to pass the PMP Exam, and we back it up with a money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our product or service
  8. Do you offer any assistance or discounts for Military Veterans?

    Yes! PM-ProLearn was founded by our lead instructor, Tim Dalhouse, who is a retired U.S. Marine with 24 years of active duty service. We teach group courses for military and DOD organizations all over the world. We know and love Military Veterans and provide help for you in several ways. Veterans enjoy the first month free in our Instructor-Assisted monthly subscription and $200 off any Classroom or Webinar course. Also, our training uses military as well as civilian examples, analogies, and humor to ensure you understand PMP concepts from the perspective of your military experience. And, finally, Veterans receive a free emailed copy of Tim's eBook "How to Use Military Experience to Qualify for the PMP Exam". To take advantage of these offers Click here for more details.

  9. What is the PM-ProLearner Community Support Group?

    It's our online virtual meeting place for everyone enrolled in a PM-ProLearn course. In the group, you can collaborate with other learners and instructors through topic forums, chat, email, and wiki. Post your questions about PMP preparation in the forums and get quick feedback. Find out how other learners are preparing and share your own lessons learned.

  10. How can I be sure your training will help my staff’s productivity?

    We will gladly provide military and corporate references upon request that will attest to the value of our training
  11. How often do you update your course content to ensure relevancy?

    We continually update our course content with additional resources as they are identified. We follow PMI closely, and update our training content whenever changes are made to the PMP Exam Content Outline, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, or ProMetric testing procedures
  12. Who writes your content?

    All PM-ProLearn content is authored by Master PMP Instructor, Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP, ICP (
  13. Do you keep your classroom environment and instructional methodologies current with and relevant to today’s real-world workplace?

    Yes; our instructors are all experienced project managers across multiple industries. We are active members of local PMI chapters, and stay engaged in the profession through networking, training, social media, and professional resources such as
  14. Are your courses eligible for professional certification?

    All of our course formats will provide you with 35 PDUs to qualify for the PMP Exam. They may also be eligible as continuing education credits by your employer or educational institution. We will gladly cooperate with your organization to evaluate our training for appropriate awarding of credits for your specific situation
  15. What are your instructors’ qualifications and how are they trained and evaluated?

    Our instructors are all PMP certified, have practical project management experience across multiple industries, and have formal training and experience as instructors. Prospective instructors must first audition by video, followed by a live audition and interview. Once approved for our certification program, instructors must sit through an entire course for the the format they wish to teach (webinar or classroom), followed by a teach-through while monitored by an already qualified instructor. Certified instructors are randomly evaluated semi-annually. 
  16. Is a copy of the PMBOK® Guide provided as part of the course?

    A hard copy of the PMBOK is provided to students in the Webinar and Classroom courses. Student in the Self-Paced course options are encouraged to acquire a copy of the current edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  17. Is the course guaranteed to run, regardless of enrollment?

    Yes, for the Self-Paced course options. No, for the Webinar and Classroom course options; both of these options require a minimum of 5 students. In the case that course does not meet the minimum enrollment, we will give you the option of attending the next scheduled class or receiving a full refund, minus the cost of your hard-copy PMBOK, if already shipped
  18. Is there a money-back guarantee? Is so, under what precise conditions?

    Yes; we will refund your money if you are not satisfied for any reason with our product or service. Refunds for monthly subscriptions is limited to the most recent month's charges
  19. Will PM-ProLearn pay my re-examination fee for a second attempt, if needed?

    No. We provide the exact same training to each learner, most of whom pass the PMP Exam on the first attempt. It is your responsibility to apply yourself, use all the tools and advice we make available, and study hard. It is a fact of life that some people will fail any test; it is your responsibility to ensure you are not one of them
  20. If I don’t pass, am I eligible to attend the same class again in the future at no cost?

    Yes, for the Webinar and Classroom course formats only. If you have completed all course sessions, including passing each application quiz with a minimum score of 75% (You may take the quizzes up to 10 times). You may attend another regularly scheduled course of the same format you originally attended
  21. Is post-class tutoring and support available? If so, what are the avenues and conditions?

    Yes; the Webinar and Classroom course formats come with 1 year access to all resources. The Instructor Assisted monthly subscription also includes weekly 90-minute live, group webinar coaching
  22. If the course is a physical class, is it supplemented by online resources?

    Yes; all Classroom and Webinar course formats include 1-year access to recorded instructional videos, interactive exercises, flash quizzes (like flash cards), application quizzes, downloadable presentation slides, audio study files.
  23. How many days and how many total hours is the course?

    Self-Paced course options are available as monthly subscriptions and can be completed in about 40 hours. Webinar courses are taught 2 nights per week for 10 total sessions. Classroom courses are taught 5 days in a row. You must attend 35 hours in the webinar and classroom courses to receive a completion certificate. You can make up missed class time by completing the online modules and passing the application quizzes with a minimum 75% (You can take the quizzes up to 10 times)
  24. Is there GI Bill eligibility?

    No, unfortunately our courses do not qualify for GI Bill funding. We do offer the first month free for our Instructor Assisted monthly subscription and $200 off Classroom and Webinar courses for qualified Military Veterans
  25. What are the payment options for taking courses through PM-ProLearn?

    You may pay online with credit/debit card. We will gladly accept employer, military, or organizational funding; please contact us for details (
  26. Is there an option of completing the class coverage partially in one class and then finishing in another, or online?

    Yes, if you miss any of a Webinar or Classroom course, you can make up missed class time by completing the online modules and passing the application quizzes with a minimum 75% (You can take the quizzes up to 10 times). You may also re-attend any regularly schedule course, in the same or lower format as your original course, within 1 year of your original course
  27. How many practice test are provided and how many questions are each one?

    Each online course module includes a 20-30 question flash quiz, and a 20 question application quiz. About 75 questions are covered during the course of each Classroom or Webinar course. Full-length PMP practice exams of 200 questions are coming soon
  28. Are the class materials provided in advance?

    Yes; you are granted access to our entire online training system immediately upon course registration
  29. Is your course offered for company training?

    Yes, we will gladly provide onsite classroom training or remote, live webinar training for groups of 5 or more. Please contact us for a quote
  30. How is PM-ProLearn’s training different from the hundreds of other PMP training companies?

    Our training is provided by instructors who are trained by us and on our staff; we can tell you who is teaching your Classroom or Webinar course before you even register. We do not book courses and then find an instructor from a list of social media contacts, which is the practice of many providers. We back up our instructor-led training with 90-day access to our complete online PMP course, or you can take the online course as a monthly subscription. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason, unlike most providers who require you to fail the PMP Exam and meet a list of study requirements before they will refund your money. 
  31. How do I register?

    Register here on our website by visiting our Course Catalog page and selecting your desired course format and dates
  32. Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes; please contact us for details so that we can tailor an appropriate discount for your specific situation
  33. Are you on the GSA Federal Supply Service Schedule?

    Yes, our CAGE Code is 7S5W9 and our DUNS # is 931550151
  34. Can you deliver a course at my location?

    Yes; we will gladly travel to your location to train groups of 5 or more learners. Please contact us for a quote
  35. Is PM-ProLearn a PMI Registered Education Provider?

    No; REP status is not required for PMI to accept a training provider's courses as meeting the 35 PDU requirement to be eligible for the PMP Exam. REPs pay extra money to PMI to be listed as an REP, and they use it as a marketing tool. Since PM-ProLearn does not pay PMI any REP fees, we can pass the savings along to you in our lower prices.