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Huntsville, AL, PMP® Exam Prep

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This course will prepare you to pass the Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional Exam. We recommend you enroll at least 7 days prior to the course start date in order to complete the course pre-work

Course Overview and Objectives

This course is designed to prepare PM-ProLearners for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam.  The course focuses on concepts of predictive, adaptive, and hybrid project management. Additional areas discussed in this course are the business environment of projects and project team leadership.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate and address the project business environment including managing compliance, internal and external factors to the project, supporting organizational change, and employing continuous process improvement on the project.
  • Given a scenario, explain the appropriate project methodology based on the urgency of the project and the need to deliver business value.
  • Given a selected methodology, assess and plan for the project needs in terms of scope, schedule, cost, quality, risk, communications, stakeholders, and procurements
  • Explain and synergize the concepts of leading a high performing team, including virtual teams or team members to train, empower, and engage them with shared understanding
  • Given a project scenario, evaluate the project and team progress and make changes as needed within the chosen project methodology
  • Given a scenario, explain the techniques to identify, assess issues, and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers to team performance and desired project outcomes
  • Engage and collaborate with stakeholders (internal and external) effectively
  • Evaluate the project governance required to successfully complete the project goals including appropriate artifact management
  • Establish general understanding of and know when to apply agile methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Xtreme Programming (XP)
  • Understand and model basic agile principles and mindset on projects
  • Understand and model servant leadership concepts

Several features of the course facilitate achieving these course objectives, and some objectives require self-study after the course to fully prepare for the PMP certification exam. The PM-ProLearn website and Learning Management System (LMS) provides a guide for the student experience and a foundation for the course materials as well as all post-course study and exam preparation. In addition to the PM-ProLearn site and LMS, students will have access to additional material from PMI to use for study post-course in preparation for the PMP exam.

Technical Requirements

For the best learning experience, we recommend using Google Chrome (v45 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (v48 or higher) web browsers. The Smartbuilder interactive exercises are not supported by Apple’s Safari browser.

Web-Based Course Materials

  1. The PM-ProLearn Website - This is the primary website used before, during, and after the PMI-ATP PMP Prep Course. When you are enrolled into a PMP Prep course, you will have access to three separate “tiles” on your dashboard:
    • PM-ProLearn PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Course
      • This tracks your attendance to a PM-ProLearn course
      • Course Pre-work, detailed curriculum for the live sessions, and post-class study modules are located within this course
    • PM-ProLearn Knowledge Quizzes & Practice Tests
      • This course is for additional post-class study to develop mastery of the course learning objectives and prepare you for the PMP certification exam
      • You can test your knowledge on individual tasks or complete a full-length timed practice test to prepare for the PMP certification exam
    • Live Instructor Help Course
      • This course is for post-class study to receive live support from a PM-ProInstructor regarding application assistance or general study questions
      • When the live help desk is not open, you can post questions here which will be answered within one working day from your question submission
  2. Socrative In-Class Quizzing - This is used for in-class quizzing and polling. You will be given a Quiz Room ID and Student ID by your instructor during the course
  3. PMI Choice Platform - This website contains the Student Guide from PMI, optional quizzes and videos for additional learning and comprehension, and a required course survey for PMI

A walkthrough video for each of these websites is located in the LMS Your instructor will act as your guide and briefly discuss each of these systems on the first day of class.


This course is a pass/fail graded course. See Attendance Policy for further information regarding any missed work.

In addition to attendance, students are required to complete two course feedback surveys at the completion of the course to receive a score of “pass.”

  • PM-ProLearn End of Course Survey – This survey focuses on the LMS, student experience, and comments regarding your instructor
  • PMI End of Course Survey – This survey focuses on the content and curriculum used throughout the course

Live Session Participation

Students are expected to attend the scheduled synchronous learning class times to receive a score of “pass” and receive the certificate of completion at the end of the course. Each student is expected to attend live sessions and be actively involved in all class discussion, including asking questions and sharing knowledge and experiences with the rest of the class. Instructors will call on students that volunteer to participate, but will avoid calling on the same students repeatedly. There are no penalties for incorrect answers. The intent is to synergize information by thoughtfully reasoning through a problem or asking a pertinent question that adds value to the experience for everyone. “Cold calling” on students that are less participative can be expected.

During live synchronous sessions, the instructor is able to best gage feedback and student retention through in-class quizzing and impromptu questioning. Often more informative feedback is gained from body language and facial expressions. To the extent it is not distracting for fellow PM-ProLearners, the instructor prefers that your video remain on during virtual-led sessions. Microphones should be muted unless actively engaging with the instructor or your fellow students to minimize distracting background noise.

At the end of each topic area, instructors will facilitate one of three activities to verify learning and allow students to discover needed areas of improvement.

  1. Instructor-Facilitated Group Guided Discussion
  2. Student-Led Small Group Breakout Sessions
  3. Socrative In-Class Polling and Quizzing

Preparation for Live Sessions

Prior to the live sessions, students should have completed the pre-work assignments located in the PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Course This includes the PM-ProLearn system overview module and a course pre-work assignment module.

Some students prefer to prepare for live sessions by downloading the presentation files and in-class exercise files. This does aid in learning for most students and is a recommended step in preparing for the first live session of the class.

During the live sessions, the majority of the content will be introduced and discussed. We use the live sessions to ensure foundational understanding of the topics covered in the class as well as any key information regarding the results of quizzes and preparation for the PMP certification exam. Homework quizzes will be assigned each night and are reviewed in detail by student request each new session.

Attendance Policy

Students may miss up to 10 hours total of the content and still receive a completion certificate if they meet the following conditions:

  • Students who miss a portion of greater than 1.5 hours of a lesson must watch the videos for that lesson in the LMS
  • Students must send an email to the Client Service Team to notify them the make-up work has been completed that the make-up work has been completed

Once all make-up work has been verified by the Instructor or designated Client Service Representative, the student will receive a completion certificate for the course.

Academic Accommodations for Disabilities

If you have a documented disability that will impact your work in this course, please contact your instructor to discuss your needs. At times, this may involve enrollment into a different course than your request to best facilitate your needs.

Course Schedule

The daily course schedule is located in the PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Course in the LMS.

Course Live Session Topic Flow


    • PM-ProLearn Intro
    • Qualification Review
    • Application Review
    • Exam Overview

Keeping the Business in Mind

A- Manage Compliance Requirements

B- Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value

C- Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Changes

D- Support Organizational Change

E- Employ Continuous Process Improvement

Starting the Project

A- Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices

B- Plan and Manage Scope

C- Plan and Manage Budget and Resources

D- Plan and Manage Schedule

E- Plan and Manage Quality of Products/Deliverables

F- Integrate Project Planning Activities

G- Plan and Manage Procurement

H- Establish Project Governance Structure

I- Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure

Creating a High-Performing Team

A- Build a Team

B- Define Team Ground Rules

C- Negotiate Project Agreements

D- Empower Team Members and Stakeholders

E- Train Team Members and Stakeholders

F- Engage and Support Virtual Teams

G- Build a Shared Understanding about a Project

Doing the Work

A- Assess and Manage Risks

B- Execute Project to Deliver Business Value

C- Manage Communications

D- Engage Stakeholders

E- Create Project Artifacts

F- Manage Project Changes

G- Manage Project Issues

H- Ensure Knowledge Transfer to Project Continuity

Keeping the Team on Track

A- Lead a Team

B- Support Team Performance

C- Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers

D- Manage Conflict

E- Collaborate with Stakeholders

F- Mentor Relevant Stakeholders

G- Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance


Here is the course outline:

1. PM-Pro Help

This module provides you with help to answer the questions you may have during your training and after training.

2. Course Pre-work

Please complete all items in this module to be properly prepared for the first day of your class. It should take the average student 4-6 hours to complete everything in this module.

3. During Class

You will need to use the resources in this module during your class. Slides, Workbook, and Homework!

4. End of Course Survey

Please complete the two surveys in this module to receive your course completion certificate

5. Post-Class Study

This module contains a Study Plan, Exam Tips, PM-Prosheet Smart Card, and videos files for the PMP Bootcamp

6. CAPM Student Focused Content

This Module contains focus content for CAPM students to address CAPM Exam specific topics.

7. Digging Deeper

This module contains additional information on topics covered in the class. This module is optional, each lesson provides deeper insight into topics that may aid in your comprehension.

8. 2022 - During Class

This module contains the videos and content for courses taken prior to March 20th of 2023. This is so students already studying for the exam have access to the videos, slides, and workbook from when they took the course. Both versions will prepare you for the examination.