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FREE PMP Exam Practice Test (2021 Exam Update)


This timed and full-length PMP practice test is 180 questions designed by a team of experts to evaluate your readiness to take the NEW PMP Exam which was effective on January 2, 2021

About This PMP Practice Test

  • All questions were created by a team of PMP expert instructors referencing a set of cloned PMP questions provided to us by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • Every instructor who worked on this project is certified by PMI as an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) Instructor
  • Every question is meticulously aligned to a specific Domain and Task from the PMP Exam Content Outline published by PMI in May 2020 according to the same percentage of the actual PMP Exam:
    • People - 42%
    • Process - 50%
    • Business Environment - 8%
  • The time limit is set for 250 minutes. On the actual PMP Exam, you will have the option to take two 10 minute breaks, so we recommend that you schedule and take those breaks during this practice test giving you an actual 230 minutes of testing time. We think the best simulation would be to take your breaks after completing question #60 and then again after completing question #120. Be sure to time your breaks at 10 minutes, but let the test clock here continue to run so that the total 250 minutes is used across all 180 questions and the two breaks.
  • You may take this test as many times as you like. The same 180 questions will appear each time you take it, but they will be presented in random order.
  • You should try to achieve at least 75% on this practice test as a good metric to evaluate your readiness for the real PMP Exam.

Here is the course outline:

1. Free PMP Exam Practice Test (2021 Exam)

180 question full-length practice test delivered in a 250 minute time limit. Built by a team of PMP expert instructors referencing cloned PMP questions provided by the Project Management Institute.